Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In my humble opinion

An estimated 200 whales and dolphins have become stranded on an island near Tasmania and scores have already died, Australian wildlife officials have said.

These beaching "accidents" happen more and more often and the scientists still don't know the answer for the question why. I feel really sorry for those poor animals but the more I read articles like this the more it makes me think. Whales and dolphins are known to be the most intelligent water mammals with exceptionally high emotional and social skills. If these were separated, individual cases when occasionally one-one dolphin became stranded I would say it could be because of the "interference from sound produced by human activities at sea" as one of the theories says. But these mass beachings show a deeper message to me. I know what I'm going to say is weird but what if these animals see so dramatic changes in the ocean (in their home) as a result of the massive pollution (oil pollution from tanker ships, marine garbage disposal etc.) and exploitation (overfishing, whale hunting etc.) of the ocean by humans what make them feel so hopeless - after all they can't do anything against it - that in their despair they decide to commit suicide and that's when these mass beachings happen (200 whales and dolphins swim ashore by accident? I really can't believe this). We human beings tend to underestimate the emotions of animals and treat them like inferior, soulless, biological creatures but even if my view is just as theoretical as any others I really think it can be a possible explanation for this unfortunate phenomenon and I'm sure this issue is just one of that thousands of signs, or rather warnings what Gaia sends us and what the human race keeps ignoring. We should seriously reconsider the direction of our civilization's developement and its impact on the flora and fauna of Earth. The humans should be reminded urgently that it was NOT us who created this life therefore we don't have the right to own this planet and abuse it for our personal purposes regardless all other living. They have the same right to live happily on this planet what we share and these rights must be recognized, aknowledged and respected - before there will be much more innocent victims of our presence.

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