Thursday, March 5, 2009

The sacrifice on the altar of Beauty

The human mankind has a very long history of distorting the female beauty and each continent has its extremes (I've just highlighted a few of them above, click on the pictures for more info). In some some men's eyes all of these women are sexy but I think there is limit of respecting other cultures especially when it crosses the respect of the human body. People tend to believe that freedom means you can do whatever you want to do but the freedom without rules is called chaos. All of these people, especially those men who allow, encourage or execute these sick and aberrant changes shall be prosecuted and punished. I think there ought to be a law which protects the human body and states very clearly in what special cases it allows interaction. First and foremost by the law the plastic surgery should be used only and exclusively for that purpose to RESTORE something you used to have  except that case when you were supposed to have but you didn't, for instance as a result of birth disorder or genetic abnormality. The acts in the name of "personal freedom" have gone too far beyond the borders of dignity and respect what seriously jeopardizes our children's future and harms the thinking of their body image. In our century the children are under an overwhelming pressure of matching the external criteria from a very young age which under such an emotionally poor family circumstances has irreversible or sometimes fatal consequences. These children are absolutely unaware of their personal beauty, what they are very aware of by the age of 18 latest is all of their body faults what they have to either learn to cover or find the way to permanently change. Needless to say how big responsibility the media (including the film and music industry) has in this issue what at the moment only supports and generates these social needs for the standardized beauty what in real reduces the diversity of our race. Of course, in this environment where the same message comes from all the channels the kids are not safe even at home where sometimes the irresponsible parents the very ones who toss their children to the slope like in the US where it is becoming common that the teens get breast implant surgery as a gift for graduation. Fortunately the very extreme cases get to court but above the age of 16 you are allowed to do with your body almost whatever you want, there is no any kind of restriction or regulation. Again, we can't talk about personal freedom, it's plain to see that even the parents cannot be trusted, not anymore. 

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals.
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So is there hope?

There is a company who recognized a niche market which is actually not that small: the women who don't have "perfect" body. Thank to Dove the "ordinary" women started to appear on TV screens, billboards, and the pages of magazines as the symbol of beauty and it is very important to emphasize that these women are around us (they are the vast majority) and they deserve attention and respect as well. To spread this message the marketing is the best communication channel, that's what people see everywhere they go. Though I do appreciate the Dove's effort to make the people realize the meaning of real beauty and that they have undertaken this lonely campaign for the value of natural beauty and the women's self-esteem (though no wonder there were no other companies to follow them because they would have had to go against their original business philosophy) but I think the Dove's intention is not genuine because it's still controversial to me that they try to sell the same product what makes you think you will look more beautiful by using it so practically they are just abusing the "ordinary" women's need to be recognized and appreciated - and here is the bottom line: women should realize that they don't need any beauty products or services at all, what they would need only is to discover their own beauty and accept the fact that they are perfect just as they are so in the future our daughters won't need to be sacrificed on the altar of Beauty. Believe me, that would be a much better life for everybody. 

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