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The last kiss

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the day

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It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our Banking and Monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a Revolution before tomorrow morning.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Singing in the rain

An awesome commercial remake of Gene Kelly's unforgettable scene.

Title: Rain
Release year: 2005
Agency: DDB London
Client: Volkswagen

And the evergreen original:



An interesting digital sculpture installation for British Airways in Terminal 5.

behind the scenes video

Floating holiday house

A practical solution for a mobile bungalow from Sweden. Ideal for fishermen or anybody who likes to relax on the waterside.

A phrase about happiness

A child on the farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A traveller on the plane sees the farmhouse and thinks of home.

Photo of the day

Quote of the day

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By changing the way you do routine things you allow a new person to grow inside of you.

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Top 10 colours of 2005

I found this palette on the internet, and I think these colours are really cool.

Ingenious doormat

Elf archers

By the way, my name translated in Elf language is TinĂºviel AngarĂ¡to.


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Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Heaven on the other side of Earth. Breathtaking place.

The Assassination of Jesse James
by the Coward Robert Ford

I always like to discover new soundtracks, but when I don't know either the movie or the composer I base my decision upon the album cover design whether to buy it or not (although Brad Pitt's name has become the hallmark of good movie for me, I think he has the same great acting skills and qualities as Robert Redford, even his face reminds me to him sometimes.) I was touched so much by this album that it took more than 3 hours to listen through because there were so many fantastic songs I had to replay them again and again. This music stands really close to me because with a perfect combination of the violin and piano it summons a warm and soft autumn-time feeling in my heart which season I love the most. One of the best songs on the album is this:

Title: What Must Be Done
Composer: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Album: The Assassination of Jesse James
Release year: 2007

When I woke from the admiration of music I didn't hesitate to watch the movie itself immediately. And yes, it really hit me, I've already seen it four times. It is a really great masterpiece in a distant, antique environment with beautiful visualization and brilliant actors about the end of life of America's most known outlaw and the aftermath of his death. This movie takes you to the barren, sometimes cruel but straight world of manhood and brotherhood, commemorating an undeniably individual character of history without judging him and shows a very instructive example of life that there is no black and white only, who is good and who is bad is a question of many different points of view and there is no definite answer.

Strange and unexplainable for me but since I've seen this movie I started to smoke cigar regularly.

The Alchemist

Unfortunately my lifestyle doesn't allow me to read too many books, but if I could stop the time the first thing I'd do would be to read all of them; with the knowledge and experience accumulated in the books we could find all the answers what we are seeking for in our entire life by simply reading them all...

I've heard many rumors about Paulo Coelho, he was told to be very popular nowadays, so I decided to taste his writings and following my instincts I started with The Alchemist. And I wasn't disappointed, there couldn't have been a better choice to read Coelho for the first time. I was absolutely carried away by the story of the adventurous journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy who followed his heart and his dreams to finally find the big treasure (and even more) at the most unexpected place. The whole language of the book is as simple and clear as if it was just a bedtime story for children, but there are many great life wisdoms hidden between the lines, and it shares those experiences of life by entertaining you rather than by giving you lectures. This book helped me understand some important things in my life, made me realize the difference between travel and journey, and gave me some new ideas about my future as well. Let me quote my most favourite wise saw from the book:

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

It's true.

X-ray kiss

Jessica Rabbit in 3D

In memory of one of my childhood platonic cartoon love. Now I prefer the flesh-and-blood women. :)

Who still wants this bill?

Cassan Said Amer tells a story about a lecturer who began a seminar holding up a 20 dollar bill, and asking:

- Who wants this 20 dollar bill?
Several hands went up, but the lecturer said:
- Before handing it over, there's something I must do. 
He furiously crushed it, and asked again:
- Who still wants this bill?
The hands continued raised.
- And what if I do this?
He threw it against the wall, letting it fall to the floor, kicked it, stamped in it and again held up the bill - all dirty and crumpled. He repeated the question, and the hands continued to be held high.
- You mustn't ever forget this scene - said the lecturer. - No matter what I do with this money, it'll still be a 20 dollar bill. Many times in our lives, we are crushed, stamped on, kicked, maltreated, offended; however, in spite of this, we are still worth the same.

Carluccios wine

A very simple and nice wine bottle label design. Unique. I like it.


Zen painting

I like this picture very much, this magenta-green colour matching is really unusual but very nice, and the whole painting has a magical, mysterious feeling. I hope this place exists somewhere indeed.

more art illustrations from Geoffroy Thoorens

Creative woodsman

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Photo of the day

more photos from ordea

The art of archery

"There is a sacred connection between the bow and the arrow, and the archer and God." 

I saw this short movie (6 min) on CurrentTV channel about a trainer in London who has Mongolian ancestors and he teaches the sophisticated, ancient art of archery and I was totally caught by his professional attitude what could clearly come through the screen as well, I can really feel that he truly understands and believes archery, even the shape of his face shows the image of a born archer, and I could totally accept him as my genuine, superior master. Watching this video I realized that to become one with the bow, the arrow and the target you need to give up your ego and you need to submit yourself to the elements of Nature so before that moment when you release your arrow the forces of universe create a dimension for a very short fragment of time when you are in Balance and with a good sense of timing your arrow will hit straight in the middle of the target. Though I know only the world of sword but I always revered the true archer warriors knowing that I would never be able to master that skill just because I feel that the bow doesn't fit in my hand - and in my soul. Actually I've been always wondering that how well we could complement each other with my future wife if she knew the martial art of archery so we could combine the advantages of close and far combat covering each other on the battlefield. We would be really good partners in the time of peace and war either...

more movies from Khaldoon Ahmed, director

Quote of the day

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Photo of the day

The shapes of beauty

Beautiful photos from a French model photographer.

more photos from Andral Ludovic

What is the funniest thing about human beings?

They live as if they were never going to die, and die as if they had never lived.

Swedish mill house

One day I want to live in a house like that.