Thursday, April 30, 2009


A fascinating artwork from a Polish designer. This guy is really talented!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One year later

It was exactly one year ago when I posted my Prologue, and since that this blog has developed a lot. To be honest I wouldn't have thought that it would last so long and that by the end of the first year I would have more than 280 posts written and almost 400 drafts waiting to be published. I've realized that this blog is much more important than I first thought. Now I can see that it has not just helped me organizing my thoughts, shapening my ideas and perfecting my principles, but it is also a very essential imprint of my spiritual developement, a written record of my personal history. Maybe this artwork is not recognized at the moment, but I know it will be a very useful guidebook one day, at least for myself if I ever lose the track. I remember I was worried that I would run out of topics, but my worries have been proven to be barren - quite the contrary, by the anniversary three new blogs have sprouted from the Watching down the cliff: the Secret scrolls of the Cliff which gives a deeper insight of my world for an inner circle (unpublished texts, exclusive comments, personal stories), A Szirt (meaning 'The Cliff' in Hungarian) which has the same concept like this blog but the content is related to Hungary only and written in Hungarian language and the Hidden pearls of the Cliff which is a photo blog dedicated to capture the transcendent beauty of Women.

I think the only weakness I need to work on is the regularity. I will try to develop a system what aids me to set up a daily routine of publishing so I can keep the continuity of my Flow in the future.

Title: One Year Later
Composer: Bear McCreary
Release year: 2006

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watching down the cliff (II.)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Life after death

Two embryoes came to be in the pregnant woman´s tummy. One of them was a small believer, the other was a small sceptic.

A small sceptic's nagging: “Do you really believe in the life after the delivery?“

A small believer: “Yeah, I do. It stands to reason that there's a life after the delivery. We're staying here only to grow and to prepare for the life after the delivery. To be ready for what's in store for us."

A small sceptic: “Rubbish! There's no life at all after the delivery. What should such a life exactly look like?“

A small believer: “Well, I don't know it exactly. But there must be much more light there than here. And we even may run and eat with our mouth“

A small sceptic: “That's a complete nonsense. To run? It can't work. To eat with our mouth? Funny idea. We've got an umbilical cord which feeds us after all and besides, it's impossible that there would be a life after delivery because the umbilical cord is short even now.“

A small believer: “It must be possible. But everything around us will be a little bit different from what we got accustomed to here."

A small sceptic: “But nobody's ever come back after the delivery! When the delivery comes, your life simply ends! Anyway - life's one big torment in the darkness."

A small believer: “I admit I don't know exactly what the life after the death's gonna look like. But at any case we'll see our mum and she'll take care of us.“

A small sceptic: ”Who? Mum?!? Do you really believe in the Mum? And where's she supposed to be, anyway?”

A small believer: ”But she's everywhere around us. We are and we live through her. We can't exist without her at all! And although we don't perceive it too much now, I believe that she loves us immensely. She brought us into the world because of Love and Love's only reason and sense of our existence."

A small sceptic: ”What a rubbish! I haven't seen even a piece of a Mum, so that's why it's quite clear she doesn't exist. And that baloney about love, it's also poppycock. A fairy tale for the naive weaklings. The reality is completely different. What a love! Everything is too tight for me here, you can't move and can't see anything. Oh, what a life!”

A small believer: ”Sometimes when we are completely quiet you can hear Mum's singing or you can feel her stroking our world softly. I'm sure our real life won't begin before the delivery.

Thanks Hana

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quote of the week

It's not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Weekly LOL

Rubik cube pixel art

An incredibly brilliant idea how to create something new by using Rubik cube.

more from rubikcubism

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snow White remix

A funny and creative video remix of Snow White to a Daft Punk song. It's cool!

Dwarfed_punk by Flompex

Friday, April 24, 2009

Good day

I like those public pranks which try to make you feel good. I'm pretty sure it could make people's day subconsciously if they saw more positive signs on their way to work or back home because all of these impulses have a good influence on their mood. What's more these actions should be encouraged and carried out by the town councils in association with local artists. What does your city do to cheer you up in public areas?

Pavement paint in London

Traffic light in Scarborough

Street grafitti in Bristol

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flickr spell

I have found a simple but amazing mashup what spells any word extracting the letters from photos uploaded to Flickr. Superb idea!

W a45 letter T letter C Letter H I cannon G D O31 W N21 T H Copper Square Letter e letter C L i23 F11 Lower-Case Letter F (Washington, DC)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I truely believe there is someone out there. Someone who is looking for me as steadily as I am looking for her. Someone who believes so fanatically in spite of all logic and common sense that I do exist. Someone who is dreaming, longing, fighting, even if some days she either feels lonely, desperate and hopeless. Someone who is made of the same material, who has the same ingredients, someone with who we used to be one before we were born. And once those two souls are reunited there is no power what could separate them again. And I know I'm going to find You or you are going to find Me.

On that day when we look into each other's eyes and we see the spark of recognition I will ask you one question. A question what I have always wanted to ask and what you have always wanted to answer. And there is only one right answer for that. You will know.