Saturday, April 4, 2009


I truely believe there is someone out there. Someone who is looking for me as steadily as I am looking for her. Someone who believes so fanatically in spite of all logic and common sense that I do exist. Someone who is dreaming, longing, fighting, even if some days she either feels lonely, desperate and hopeless. Someone who is made of the same material, who has the same ingredients, someone with who we used to be one before we were born. And once those two souls are reunited there is no power what could separate them again. And I know I'm going to find You or you are going to find Me.

On that day when we look into each other's eyes and we see the spark of recognition I will ask you one question. A question what I have always wanted to ask and what you have always wanted to answer. And there is only one right answer for that. You will know.

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