Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The real Photoshop :)

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Where have all the cowboys gone?

A really nice and true song from Paula Cole. I love the song, but unfortunately I can clearly picture those millions of women who live out the same life she is singing about. If only they had the courage to look for the better, though everyone is the blacksmith of his own fortune.

Title: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone
Album: This Fire
Artist: Paula Cole
Release year: 1997

Monday, December 22, 2008

Daily LOL

Quote of the day

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I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways 
that won't work.

Photo of the day

The brighter side of Dark Art

Wow, this American guy really has talent! I made a small compilation of his artwork, these images are amazing. A short quotation from his bio:

When mentioning the terms 'Dark Art' or 'Gothic Art', most envision a rough, scary, and grotesquely distorted expression of creativity. Jason Beam's work has never fit into that category - his work illustrates emotion, beauty and sensuality intermixed with the dark, the distorted, and the tragic.

more from Jason Beam


Freshome has collected 30 of the most creative bookshelves, these two are my favourites, you can check out the rest here, they are pretty cool.

She is a warrior

and sexy, too.

Title: Starbuck On The Red Moon
Composer: Bear McCreary
Release year: 2005

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Horse Whisperer

I always watch the Robert Redford movies with admiration and reverence, for me he embodies the real man who is strong and tough but he is also soft and sensitive, and these charachteristics are not mutually exclusive. If I had a role model, definitely he would be the one. After a long time I rewatched one of my old favourites from him, The Horse Whisperer. This film always reminisces of how much I would like to ride a horse, the last time when I had the opportunity was in October only for a few days, and I miss it very much. I think there is a special connection between me and the horses, everytime I look into the eyes of a horse I feel we understand each other without words. I remember the last time: my friend found a big ranch on the countryside in the middle of a big forest, a really nice place with really nice people, my companion was a small girl, kind of a Marlboro Woman. Actually I prefer the Western style riding, I think it gives more freedom to both horse and rider, the English style seems unnatural to me. So I went to ride (I haven't done it before so I had to learn it from the basics) and it was an amazing experience, I've never felt so free and peaceful than when I was sitting on the back of horse. Touching the horse made me feel connected with the Mother Nature as if he had opened some sort of instinct channel between me and Her. After the riding I led my horse, Naughty with pleasant fatigue to a fenced feeding pasture where colts, mares and some other stallions were grazing, and there I had another, maybe even more overwhelming experience. First I was just standing there staring at them, then I approached them slowly, first the colts came closer, I began to stroke their hair, then the others joined gradually, and after a while I found myself being surrounded by a half dozen horses going around me in circles like a whirl and I was almost spinning with them, the time stopped and I felt like I came home, I felt I was accepted, I was one of them, I felt secure and uplifted, and I percieved a thick, soaring energy flowing around me what didn't let me go. After two hours when it was getting darker it was a wrench leaving them. I think this encounter changed me and opened up a hidden door in my soul, and if I want to go back to that room next time I just need to watch this movie:

This movie stands really close to me, it's a very good example to see it's really worth choosing the more difficult way, even if we have to work very hard for the smallest result, but at the end of the day the biggest traumas of our life can be cured with patience, persistence and love. (Let me note here how such a big delusion it is that "time heals all things",  without any action taken the time itself won't help solving our problems.)
Of course, I couldn't resist listening to the score album immediately, and it was a magical and magnificent masterpiece of Thomas Newman, among so many beautiful songs I think I loved this one the most.

Title: Percheron Stallion
Composer: Thomas Newman
Release year: 1998

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily LOL

Photo of the day

You're love like a bullet

I found this catching video clip among the YouTube favorites of one of my friends, and I was really carried away by this special-voice Australian singer, there is something very erotic in this music.

Title: Bullet
Artist: Inga Liljestrom
Album: Elk
Release year: 2005

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's shoot!

Fascinating bullet-time photos. Awesome!

When sci-fi becomes real

Everybody remembers those spectacular scenes when Tom Cruise was using an interactive computer interface in the great movie Minority Report. Just to reminisce:

Actually it was one of the film's science advisers who founded the Oblong Industrie company and they created the rudimentary but usable copy of the one seen in the movie called G-speak, the gesture-based interface with recombinant networking and real-world pixels.

I can clearly see that new interface technologies like the Microsoft Surface have big future, but while the MS operates in 2D, this new G-speak uses the absolute freedom of 3 dimensions. Amazing and unbelieveble. I'm looking forward to trying it one day.


If you can't afford it, fuck off. Harsh and insulting, but I like it. :)

Hands up!

This kid is cute! :)

Daily comment

An Islamist rebel administration in Somalia had a 13-year-old girl stoned to death for adultery after the child's father reported that three men had raped her.

I've just read the headline, and it's far enough to make me furious at Africa (of course, I read the whole article). What is happening on that continent, and this will be another returning topic, is unacceptable, outrageous, incomprehensible (I don't want to come with that hackneyed frippery that "in the 21st century"). I deeply condemn any kind of religious or cultural tradition which physically hurts the human body by torture, mutilation or murder. These people have to be stopped. African countries are in serious economical-political crisis for a very long time what they are definitely unable to handle, the cradle of life became the battlefield of chaos, and these primitive habits just make the situation worse. Don't have that delusion that Aisha Duhulow is a special, isolated case, she is one of the thousands of girls and women whose basic human rights are violated day by day. How sick a nation can be to let this happen, why are these people unaware of the basic ethos what European people have realized thousands of years ago (though they have forgotten almost all of them): respecting Life, and respecting the one who brings Life to this planet, the Woman. Because without that two our species wouldn't exist at all. Just a tiny bit more respect could make a lot of changes. Don't get me wrong, the European civilization is crushing women's life under two feet either, they are just doing it more cunningly and more maliciously, but the African raw violence and unscrupulous sexism against the women are intolerable and it cries for intervention. Africa is committing the biggest crimes against humanity every day with impunity, and this is absolutely not on. Probably it is too radical what I'm going to say, but these people's mind need to be changed either by word or by death because this can't go on.

Previous article in this series

Quote of the day

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A man can obey others for two reasons: for fear of being punished, or for love. Obedience that comes from love of others is a thousand times stronger than fear of punishment.

Enjoy your meal!


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Very creative print advertisements to make women motivated in losing weight. I think it's funny but not in an offensive way.

Daily LOL

I've found these hilarious comics on the explosm.net. There are hundreds of them, so be careful, it is very addictive! ;)

And a tough one, only for morbid people (like me :D

How will your life end?

As a boy, Abin-Alsar overheard a conversation between his father and a dervish.

"Careful with your work", said the dervish. "Think of what future generations will say about you."
"So what?", replied his father, "When I die, everything shall end, and it will not matter what they say." 
Abin-Alsar never forgot that conversation. His whole life, he made an effort to do good, to help people and go about his work with enthusiasm. He became well-known for his concern for others; when he died, he left behind a great number of things which improved the quality of life in his town. On his tombstone, he had the following epitaph engraved: 

"A life which ends with death, is a life not well spent."

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I started to discover the world of Need for Speed when the Underground 2 was out, and I became a real addicted to it - though I don't even have a driving licence, I was really amazed by that lifestyle, and if there was a reason to get the licence it would be to organize and participate illegal street racings, to experience when you are speeding with 200 miles on the roads of illuminated cities driving your cool, custom-designed car as one of the finest and most stylish members of the off-society. I played a lot with the Most Wanted either (when can I try a night police chase finally, please!), and I missed the Carbon though, but here's the next masterpiece of the NFS series:

The Need for Speed gradually becomes like a movie in which the leading role is yours and this is a damn good feeling, I'm looking forward to playing with it. Unfortunately a smaller power plant is necessary to run this game on computer and a really good gaming PC costs cca Ł 800-900 so I'm afraid the Undercover remains to be waited for a time being.  

Regarding this game I remembered the Gone in 60 Seconds which is one of the bestof, this movie is simply awesome! Nicolas Cage is not my favourite actor, but I think this role exceptionally suits him, Angelina Jolie - one of my three female idols - looks a little bit anorexic in this film, but she is still very hot, and all the other characters are brilliant either, it was a really fantastic casting. I think this movie is complete from the first frame to the last, entertaining, exciting, rolling and funny so I watch it everytime when I want to be carried away by the illusion of underground bling-bling life. I don't say something like that very often, but I preferred the soundtrack album much better than the score one, here is one of my favourite songs from that.

Title: Painted On My Heart
Artist: The Cult
Release year: 2000

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You're not alone

If only there was a woman somewhere on Earth who would sing this song for me...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The last kiss

Daily LOL

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the day

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It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our Banking and Monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a Revolution before tomorrow morning.

Saturday, September 13, 2008



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo of the day

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Singing in the rain

An awesome commercial remake of Gene Kelly's unforgettable scene.

Title: Rain
Release year: 2005
Agency: DDB London
Client: Volkswagen

And the evergreen original: