Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Horse Whisperer

I always watch the Robert Redford movies with admiration and reverence, for me he embodies the real man who is strong and tough but he is also soft and sensitive, and these charachteristics are not mutually exclusive. If I had a role model, definitely he would be the one. After a long time I rewatched one of my old favourites from him, The Horse Whisperer. This film always reminisces of how much I would like to ride a horse, the last time when I had the opportunity was in October only for a few days, and I miss it very much. I think there is a special connection between me and the horses, everytime I look into the eyes of a horse I feel we understand each other without words. I remember the last time: my friend found a big ranch on the countryside in the middle of a big forest, a really nice place with really nice people, my companion was a small girl, kind of a Marlboro Woman. Actually I prefer the Western style riding, I think it gives more freedom to both horse and rider, the English style seems unnatural to me. So I went to ride (I haven't done it before so I had to learn it from the basics) and it was an amazing experience, I've never felt so free and peaceful than when I was sitting on the back of horse. Touching the horse made me feel connected with the Mother Nature as if he had opened some sort of instinct channel between me and Her. After the riding I led my horse, Naughty with pleasant fatigue to a fenced feeding pasture where colts, mares and some other stallions were grazing, and there I had another, maybe even more overwhelming experience. First I was just standing there staring at them, then I approached them slowly, first the colts came closer, I began to stroke their hair, then the others joined gradually, and after a while I found myself being surrounded by a half dozen horses going around me in circles like a whirl and I was almost spinning with them, the time stopped and I felt like I came home, I felt I was accepted, I was one of them, I felt secure and uplifted, and I percieved a thick, soaring energy flowing around me what didn't let me go. After two hours when it was getting darker it was a wrench leaving them. I think this encounter changed me and opened up a hidden door in my soul, and if I want to go back to that room next time I just need to watch this movie:

This movie stands really close to me, it's a very good example to see it's really worth choosing the more difficult way, even if we have to work very hard for the smallest result, but at the end of the day the biggest traumas of our life can be cured with patience, persistence and love. (Let me note here how such a big delusion it is that "time heals all things",  without any action taken the time itself won't help solving our problems.)
Of course, I couldn't resist listening to the score album immediately, and it was a magical and magnificent masterpiece of Thomas Newman, among so many beautiful songs I think I loved this one the most.

Title: Percheron Stallion
Composer: Thomas Newman
Release year: 1998

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