Thursday, December 11, 2008


I started to discover the world of Need for Speed when the Underground 2 was out, and I became a real addicted to it - though I don't even have a driving licence, I was really amazed by that lifestyle, and if there was a reason to get the licence it would be to organize and participate illegal street racings, to experience when you are speeding with 200 miles on the roads of illuminated cities driving your cool, custom-designed car as one of the finest and most stylish members of the off-society. I played a lot with the Most Wanted either (when can I try a night police chase finally, please!), and I missed the Carbon though, but here's the next masterpiece of the NFS series:

The Need for Speed gradually becomes like a movie in which the leading role is yours and this is a damn good feeling, I'm looking forward to playing with it. Unfortunately a smaller power plant is necessary to run this game on computer and a really good gaming PC costs cca Ł 800-900 so I'm afraid the Undercover remains to be waited for a time being.  

Regarding this game I remembered the Gone in 60 Seconds which is one of the bestof, this movie is simply awesome! Nicolas Cage is not my favourite actor, but I think this role exceptionally suits him, Angelina Jolie - one of my three female idols - looks a little bit anorexic in this film, but she is still very hot, and all the other characters are brilliant either, it was a really fantastic casting. I think this movie is complete from the first frame to the last, entertaining, exciting, rolling and funny so I watch it everytime when I want to be carried away by the illusion of underground bling-bling life. I don't say something like that very often, but I preferred the soundtrack album much better than the score one, here is one of my favourite songs from that.

Title: Painted On My Heart
Artist: The Cult
Release year: 2000

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