Monday, December 15, 2008

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An Islamist rebel administration in Somalia had a 13-year-old girl stoned to death for adultery after the child's father reported that three men had raped her.

I've just read the headline, and it's far enough to make me furious at Africa (of course, I read the whole article). What is happening on that continent, and this will be another returning topic, is unacceptable, outrageous, incomprehensible (I don't want to come with that hackneyed frippery that "in the 21st century"). I deeply condemn any kind of religious or cultural tradition which physically hurts the human body by torture, mutilation or murder. These people have to be stopped. African countries are in serious economical-political crisis for a very long time what they are definitely unable to handle, the cradle of life became the battlefield of chaos, and these primitive habits just make the situation worse. Don't have that delusion that Aisha Duhulow is a special, isolated case, she is one of the thousands of girls and women whose basic human rights are violated day by day. How sick a nation can be to let this happen, why are these people unaware of the basic ethos what European people have realized thousands of years ago (though they have forgotten almost all of them): respecting Life, and respecting the one who brings Life to this planet, the Woman. Because without that two our species wouldn't exist at all. Just a tiny bit more respect could make a lot of changes. Don't get me wrong, the European civilization is crushing women's life under two feet either, they are just doing it more cunningly and more maliciously, but the African raw violence and unscrupulous sexism against the women are intolerable and it cries for intervention. Africa is committing the biggest crimes against humanity every day with impunity, and this is absolutely not on. Probably it is too radical what I'm going to say, but these people's mind need to be changed either by word or by death because this can't go on.

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