Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The art of archery

"There is a sacred connection between the bow and the arrow, and the archer and God." 

I saw this short movie (6 min) on CurrentTV channel about a trainer in London who has Mongolian ancestors and he teaches the sophisticated, ancient art of archery and I was totally caught by his professional attitude what could clearly come through the screen as well, I can really feel that he truly understands and believes archery, even the shape of his face shows the image of a born archer, and I could totally accept him as my genuine, superior master. Watching this video I realized that to become one with the bow, the arrow and the target you need to give up your ego and you need to submit yourself to the elements of Nature so before that moment when you release your arrow the forces of universe create a dimension for a very short fragment of time when you are in Balance and with a good sense of timing your arrow will hit straight in the middle of the target. Though I know only the world of sword but I always revered the true archer warriors knowing that I would never be able to master that skill just because I feel that the bow doesn't fit in my hand - and in my soul. Actually I've been always wondering that how well we could complement each other with my future wife if she knew the martial art of archery so we could combine the advantages of close and far combat covering each other on the battlefield. We would be really good partners in the time of peace and war either...

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