Wednesday, March 4, 2009

High five

Another subway, this time in New York. There is an NY based group called Improv Everywhere which resembles the Project Mayhem a bit but they are not as destructive. They have an international "agent" network and they do public pranks (missions) like this escalator high five all around world, it's worth taking a look at their previous works, it's a good fun.

Sad but true: reading the comments on different sites it has turned out that people are much more worried about the bacteria infection than just enjoy the idea and have a good fun on the way to work...


  1. About the same thing happened earlier this year in


    I went to participate in this event: - you can believe me how great it was, but while monitoring the people's reaction on some forums and news sites after the event, I learned that some people just can't get away from the "these children can't do anything with their time" and "they are demonstrating for nothing while there are so many things going wrong in this country" line. It's sad as it is, but at least we've had an awesome day...

  2. LOL, MKKP forever!!! If only I could have been there...