Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The new Boss

At every workplace when a new big boss comes there are two things what I can see in people's eyes: either hope or fear. The hope for changes and the fear of changes, and usually the last one is the vast majority. Of course, to Him everybody shows his best face, but I was thinking about how I could reveal who belongs to which side if one day I became the new big boss. 

I would organize a small meeting or a humble party for my induction where everybody could eat and drink for free of charge. As it is a special occasion the whole event would be recorded but the cameras would be primarily looking at the audience (for future study). The seating arrangement already tells a lot about people and their relation so there would be plenty of tables, more than it's necessary, many for four, some for six, a few for two. First the food would be served and when they had their drinks and everybody feels good I would give a short speech (or rather a toast) before the party starts what would finish with the following sentences:

I know that among you there are people who are hoping that there will be changes and there are some others who are afraid of that. I have only one message for both sides:
There won't be changes (short break)
(disappointed faces/relieved faces)
(people laughing aloud/people with smile frozen on their face)

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