Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Transparent design phone

I've been really struggling to find a mobile phone with a nice design what I would buy and keep for a long time. To be honest, I dont really care about the features, I always used the mobile phone only for calling (and texting if I must but I hate it) and I always will use it for that purpose. I'm absolutely not interested in these 100in1 solutions, I'm an old-fashioned guy, I take photos with digital camera, I listen to music with MP3 player, I watch video on TV, I make coffee with coffee machine. And I use the best tools to do these which were especially designed for that particular purpose, I don't expect my phone to know all of them. Maybe the only extra feature (it used to be extra) what I use regularly is the alarm clock but it's because I hate alarm clocks, I wouldn't buy a separate one (one day I might brake it into small pieces) so the phone will do. I'm thinking to become an iPhone user soon but the last phone I really loved its design was the Pebl. Simple, pure, natural. Perfect. Strange but I've never had the opportunity to buy one, this platonic love slowly turns into nostalgia.

Now the LG has come out with a new idea: a transparent mobile phone.

According to the news it will be released in this year.  The concept looks still immature to me though I really appreciate the LG's attempts, I think they are the leading company on the market in mobile phone design, just the previous ones (like LG Chocolate) simply haven't hit me. But I agree with the author:
No word on the features yet, but who cares about the features? It’s beautiful!

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