Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rhetorical questions of Life

I was travelling on train and I especially booked a seat where there was a socket power connection. Above the socket there was a warning sign: "Laptops and mobile phones only!" What else on Earth would I plug in that socket? On a TRAIN? A toaster? A fridge?? Maybe a desktop PC??? Or what?! It really doesn't make sense...

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  1. Can you imagine that in Lithuania I saw a COFFEE MACHINE on a train? I guess it was supposed to serve the staff though.
    As for me - besides using those devices mentioned above - I like to charge some batteries (ceruzaelem :D) on trains as well. Do you think that would be forbidden there? :D

  2. i think nobody would care about it :D

    btw "pencil battery" would sound more interesting than AA battery. in germany, for instance, it's called mignon :DDD