Sunday, March 1, 2009

Umbrella today?

I remember I used to watch the weather forecast occasionally. Not because I was really interested in the weather, I just wanted to know whether it would be sunny or rainy so I knew whether I would be in a good mood or in a shit mood next day. Life can be so predictable... :) But I don't watch the forecasts anymore, my mood is independent from the wheather now. To be honest I absolutely don't mind getting wet in the rain, what's more, I enjoy it. There is something romantic in the rain, a sort of natural purification. I love the smell of rain, the air is so clean and fresh as you breathe it in, you can feel it in the smallest microvasculars of your lung. There are many people who are scared in storm, but for some strange reason I always feel calmer as the storm approaches and a strange happyness goes through my body. As if a distant relative came home. One of my wildest dreams is that one day when it starts to rain I go out to the middle of a clearing, kneel down and sit on my heels, turn my face to the sky, and just enjoy the rain. Stark naked. 

When I walk on the street in rain I see people, especially women running desperately, covering their head with different objects. They try to protect their immaculate make-up, their perfectly prepared hair, their freshly ironed dress, so the rain cannot wash off their entire camouflage what they have been working on so hard and so long to set up in the morning. At this time I slow down a bit and take the time to look around so I can watch the people's panicing reaction wailing "oh my God, it's raining, I'll get wet!" I bet they wouldn't run so fast if there was fire. It's a good fun anyway.

Sometimes I'm really amazed by the American simplicity. There is a site which instead of cyclones, airflows, temperatures, humidity just simply tells you if you need umbrella or not, and you can get text alerts on the rainy days in many European countries as well. Though probably here in the UK people won't make such a big fuss about this service, as I've observed they always take umbrella with themselves because it can rain anytime. Anyway, it is a very good idea.

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