Monday, March 2, 2009

Someone to Watch Over Me

"Sometimes lost is where you need to be. 
Just because you don't know the direction 
it doesn't mean you don't have one."


  1. Actually,at first I was laughing on this sentence... But yes, it is true and anyway

    I'm in no laughing mood nowadays...

  2. you are really odd :D what can be so funny in this?

  3. You know when you laughing on something at first and then you stop it and start to thinking "hm, maybe this is not a bullshit"

    I'm tired of a big TRUTHs. Many times you can hear misty, cloudy sentences try to suggest there is some frakking big truth but you are too little, too infant on your spiritual path to understand it - so you need to listen more misty sentences and so on... Frak. There is no any logic or sense, or personal, just/but FOG. It is one of the strong reason why I don't like many esoterical books, persons etc.

    So, that is way I felt at first it is just a kind of foggy bullshit. But of course this series it's not this style.

    And finally I recognized this sentence is current in my own life...

    Well, that's all I think. :)

  4. i know you have already experienced a lot in life but arent you too young to be so much disappointed by the world? dont get me wrong, i dont say that all the bedtime stories are true but i think that growing adult shouldnt mean not to believe in tales any more, it means to learn how to distinguish the true tales from the fake ones, to separate the diamond in the rough from the worthless gems.