Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Platform bed

My sleeping habits are quite different. It has started 3-4 years ago when I decided to try to sleep on the floor instead of the bed and to my biggest suprise I was much more rested and fresher next day than ever before. Gradually I turned to ground-sleeping and for many years I made my own bed on the floor every night. It was here in the UK when finally I purchased my first futon in my life from Comfy Living, it was a very good decision, the mattress looks like this one on the photo (without the chair frame). You just spread it on the floor and you can sleep on it, simple is that. It's soft, comfortable and portable, ideal for people who just rent a room in a household and they can never know when they need to move along.

But my biggest dream if one day I will rent a flat alone (or own a flat) is to have a platform bed. Now this is what I call the king of the floor-beds. My dream bedroom would be a big, spacious place with absolutely no electricity or any electrical devices in it, big French windows on the East side of the room which has a view to nature, maybe there was a built-in wardrobe with mirrors on one of the walls, and there was a platform bed detached from all the walls, just floating in the middle of the room. That would be the prefect bedroom for me.

By the way there are good sales at Dwell, unfortunately I have to miss it.

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