Monday, March 2, 2009

Dark cherry red

Sometimes we people tend to overcomplicate the simple things around us.

I bought new ink cartridges for my fountain pen, but this time I decided to change from black to another colour. There were four other options: blue (too boring), light green (too light), red (too red), and an unidentified colour or at least I couldn't recognize it but I really liked that shade so I chose that one. I was so excited about it I didn't even check the pack, I just started to write with it immediately as soon as I took seat in a cafe nearby. I was writing in my Moleskine diary which has age-yellowed pages and this new colour looked even brighter and more magnificent on it. I was so inspired by that I began to find out what colour it was at all. I checked it from different angles of view, turning it to the light, and after a long, careful examination I finally made the conclusion with proud satisfaction that this colour must be either rusty bronze or dark cherry red. I dug up my bag with big curiosity to find the pack and check the label. I found it and I turned it over to see the back. First I felt I was struck but then I started to laugh at myself. The label said the following:



  1. LOLOL

    Do you know the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Have you ever read? (probably I asked it many times, but I can't remember your answer, sorry) So, one of this books maybe in the last one? there is a short story about a biscuit, I don't know the title in english. (A keksz) But you can find it, I'm sure. :)

    That is a same situation humour as your story about this khmm BROWN ink.

  2. But why should be brown a less interesting colour than rusty bronze or dark cherry red?

  3. as a matter of fact, you're absolutely right