Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You are perfect just as you are

There are only a few TV series what I follow regularly, one of them is the Battlestar Galactica. Unbelievable how such deep philosophical - theological messages could be successfully woven into the story line in an abstract sci-fi environment with a brilliant casting. I've always watched all the episodes with an open-minded attention and a childish excitement, I like to submit myself to those things what I instinctively trust and I let myself be transformed by their creating power, but I was really deeply affected by a scene of this episode (Escaping Velocity, season 4, episode 4):

I was frozen when I first heard one of the primary principles of my personal belief from the TV, however I realized soon that Gaius Baltar might mean it in a different way than I did. This is going to be a returning topic, but let me deliver my overall opinion now, though I really don't know where to start exactly because this subject is one of the most important cornerstones of my entire religion and lifestyle, and it is very complicated and sensitive topic due to the fact that it affects almost all part of life. It is all about the women.
I'm unable to understand how such imbalance and inequality could evolve between the two genders during the centuries or rather millenia. How could it happen, how could it be let happen? Both men and women are responsible for that result, and primarily I blame the men though, but the women cannot be said to be innocent victims either. The damage is already done, there is a huge precipice between them - and I'm not talking about the horizontal distance, I'm talking about the vertical distance, that big difference in level what is between the men and women in the human society. And we are not hitting the bottom yet, it is getting much-much worse. A very radical and urgent correction should be done to restore the balance, but I'm afraid the greatest obstacle of this is the women themselves. It's far too late, because the women are not forced to be slaves any longer. They are raised to be slaves since they are born, mostly by other female slaves, basically by their own mother, from generation to generation. Only a very few of the women are able to brake out from this circle, because most of them are unable to realize, or even if they are (after a certain age) they don't dare to face with the fact that their whole life is a slavery and they run away from the reality to pathetic ultimatums (what they call necessary compromises) and sly illusions. Most of the women go through their whole lifetime living a lie. The main difference between a slave and a free man is that the free man never needs to lie. Slaves give birth to slaves, and the newborn slaves will become bigger slaves than their parents were - that's the way the world degenerates, and with every new birth more and more human values get lost from the human beings. The women's slave lifestyle manifests in many areas of life, but let me underline one of these which puts the greatest burden on their shoulders: the body image.

We are living in a world what tries to make us believe (mostly successfully) since our very young age that we are not good as we are, we have to change our appearance and give up our own personality, we need to mutilate and disfigure ourselves to meet the current social trends and standards. We are brought up to let our civilization assimilate us (called socialization) even if we loose our very identity and the features what make us unique and human. They say we need to build our own Ego - some kind of a distorted, unnatural extension of ourselves - destroying everything what we originally are, and expressing ourselves by changing everything on us. Primarily I'm talking about the external things and especially about the women because they are the greatest losers of this procedure (and it is mainly their fault that they sunk so deep.) There are leading, powerful industries (especially the beauty industry in a strong association with the film, music and advertising industry) based on standardizing an absolutely relative definition of individual beauty and making women chase imaginary idols who only exist on the pages of magazines, on the billboards, and on the TV/movie screens. The greatest scam of these industries that they sell their products with the promise of making you special and unique while it is obviously quite the contrary - by selling the same thing to the millions of people it becomes commodity. As the human population grows and the civilized world spreads more and more women get infected by this futile idea to match these aberrant standards and either they are able to do anything to implement it even by crossing the borders of human dignity or in their desperation and bitterness they run away to the opposite extreme living their life in twinge of conscience. Anyway, neither of them are satisfied with her external but the more energy, time or money they spend on changing their body the emptier they get inside, and during this self-destroying process many of them become so spiritually desolate like the desert meanwhile their deepest hidden (and later forgotten) desire was to be accepted and loved because of who they originally were. I know that there are many tough stations of realizing that you don't meet these standards and nowadays there is an extremely high social pressure on the women what already starts in childhood in the family, haunts during the schools, follows in the relationships, and you even have to face it at the workplace, so sooner or later you are forced to choose your way, but whether you surrender to the fashion trends or try to escape from them neither way will end up with happiness because they won't let you be who you really are. Nowadays you have to fight very hard to be yourself, but unfortunately the slaves are taught neither how to explore their own individuality nor how to protect it, what's more, they usually put themselves in the inferior role automatically. So the born slaves remain slaves and they compile their personality from premade cliches instead of creating their own intrinsic values. They try to fill up the spiritual space with material items (what is a paradox in itself), they mostly do a job what they hate, they mostly maintain a superficial relationship what doesn't make them happy, they are unable to experience their womanhood as a female human being, not even in their private life, and they are totally unaware of what emotional intelligence is or how to improve it in practice.

What is painfully missing from all area of this present civilization is the honor.

The women were gifted with the most wonderful, most fascinating (and most mystical) creation of nature: the female body what is a result of millions of years of evolution shaped one by one by the hands of nature with artistic perfection providing the largest diversity of unique bodies among all living being. Every single human is born totally unique, so why can't you realize that every changes you make on your original body to match the actual trends (let it be temporary like a hair-dying or permanent like a plastic surgery) makes you more and more common? Why do you strive so hard to compare and compete with others especially at those primitive and pointless beauty contests which eat up the rest of the feminine? What human being dares to believe itself so divine to decide who the most beautiful is? Our current human appearance has evolved during hundreds of thousands of years, that couple of thousands of years since the human civilization exists is only a microsecond in the lifetime of universe, a single human life is so short and irrelevant that it cannot be even measured, so who do you think has the right to make you believe that you are not the most gorgeous woman in the world? No one can tell you that you are not beautiful, maximum that "I don't like you look" (let me remind you that I'm talking about your original body image), or if there is any you cannot be so naive to believe them. The women don't respect their body at all. If they did they would never change it in order to lie about themselves (it changes enough by itself biologically during a lifetime). Changing your original hair color, hiding your face behind a grotesque make-up, suppressing the natural scent of body with irritating perfumes, disfiguring the skin with tattoos or the greatest sin of all, interrupting the perfect unit of the female body and energy circulation by putting piercing or other artificial implants in it are nothing else but lies. And this is not only disrespect to your body, it's also a disrespect to the nature who has shaped and perfected your body through millions of years. What a conceited human being dares to interfere so irresponsible and overrule the incomprehensible creating forces of universe? You women can make so much effort to pretend to be someone else so you can find a man who falls in love with a non-existing woman and who also shows a fake appearance of himself (just not in such a sophisticated way as you women do). And after a while, especially after moving together, none of you can maintain the lies for long term, the days get worse and more onerous, and in the end you don't understand how you could end up here and why your love has been over meanwhile your whole relationship was based on the pink clouds of illusions (and the externals are just one of those many lies what the couples tell each other...) How could I expect a woman to accept me as I am who is unable to accept herself? Investing so much time and so much energy in building a lie is an irreplaceable waste of your life what you could have spent on sourcing self-esteem from the beauty of your body and finding someone who genuinely respects and loves you.

Because you are perfect just as you are.

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