Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My favourite music

One of my most favourite freetime activities is listening to instrumental music called Original Motion Picture Score. I have a large collection from many great contemporary composers, I'm a real addict and fan of this genre. I can find genuine comfort and satisfaction only in the score (the modern music styles cannot really touch me except a few songs), I am fascinated by the timeless melodies and the beautiful flow of orchestrated music and even if I put away an album for a while after I wring the most enjoyment from listening to it, but months or years later I rediscover my favourite songs and they fill me up with new emotions and thoughts as the soil becomes fruitful again after being left fallow.

I've recently discovered this
album, and I fell in love with it at first listening, although I haven't read the book or watched the movie yet. Let me share the song what I found the best.

Title: Love
Antonio Pinto
Album: Love in the Time of Cholera (
Release year: 2008

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