Monday, May 19, 2008

X-Ray lungs

As an ex-smoker I really appreciate those creative solutions which remind people effectively to stop smoking, although I believe that it all depends on our own decision. I started to smoke in the grammar school by "community pressure", and after a few years I gave up smoking first time for someone I loved, and I didn't light a cigarette for 3 years. I thought that I managed to quit smoking forever, but after she left me the cigarette came back to my life. However I wasn't that heavy smoker (about 2 packs per week), but that time I understood: if I really want to stop smoking permanently I have to do it only for myself, for my own interest, for my own health, not for someone else's expectation. It took years to make up my mind, and finally I did not just put down the cigarette, but I started to change my entire lifestyle on 6th February 2006 to live a healthier and purer, or I would say, a quality life. This progress still goes on and covers all area of my life, and the longer I live my life in this way the more I realize how many things there are what I need to change.

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