Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movies which have changed my life

I have seen a lot of movies but there are only a few which have had such a great influence on me that they could change the way of my life. I must kneel at their greatness and I pay respect to them from time to time by watching them again. The most obvious sign of this type of movie is that after the first watch I feel that overwhelming desire to rewatch it immediately - and I usually do so, at latest in one day. The last movie what became one of the chosen ones was this:

I really don't know how this could have left out of my life till now, but I must admit it has jumped to the top of the list. I think I wasn't prepared for its visual and spiritual beauty, it was a breathtaking masterpiece of the Chinese film making smoothly blended with the western features. I had to watch it three times: when I did first my mouth fell open in fascination by those wonderful colour matchings and locations, it could be clearly sensed that all the scenes were created with the aim of the finest purity and the highest perfection, and I also loved the frame of story how the legendary historical origin and the meaning of the country name were gradually revealed.

At second watch I was caught by the love story line between Snow and Broken Sword and I couldn't help crying at the end. I wish I could experience that genuine and virtuous love one day what can be only between two warriors who fight every day for a higher purpose meanwhile they seek for the home where they can be simply woman and man. The scene when Snow fell upon the sword of her dead love at the sunset flooded me with ecstasy, for one thing, their death was both shattering and uplifting at once, and partly because it showed an interesting coincidence with one of my older daydreamings. 

I used to have a vision that in the time of our old age when we have already raised our children and have fulfilled our destiny, one fine day my beloved wife and me dressed in white would seat together on the ground of a sacred place, and to avoid the pain of long agony or the fear of sudden loss, and the remaining void, we would take proper farewell of each other recalling the happiest memories and the most joyful moments of our life, thanking for all the love and joy we gave to each other, and after the last tear has fallen from our eyes we would stab each other with our own swords, and then I would lay on the ground and she would lie down on me laying her head on my chest and I'd embrace her just as we did it every night before so she could fall into eternal sleep to the rhytm of my slowing heartbeat. Our body would be buried in the same position at the place where we died and be captured by a sculpture made of snowwhite marble to show to posterity how ever-lasting our love is...

The third watch made me understand the constancy and patience of the warrior how he perfects his skills to reach his full potential by training his body like Nameless, sharpening his mind like Sky, or deepening his soul like Broken Sword.

Of course, I've listened to the score tracks as soon as I could get the album, and however the music itself doesn't give that much pleasure without the picture, but I could find a really fascinating song among them:

Title: Gone With Leaves
Composer: Tan Dun
Album: Hero
Release year: 2004

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