Saturday, May 17, 2008

Don't drink and drive

I used to drink alcohol but I wasn't a heavy consumer, I usually had some pints of beer or a bottle of wine at parties or when I met with my friends (I never liked the hard drinks) But in 2006 I totally became an abstainer, because I hated to be under the influence of alcohol, I hated that dullness as my head got heavy, the pathetic and ridiculous drunk behavior, and what I hated the most was the hangover next day which sometimes took more than one day. I found less and less fun or joy in getting drunk so I decided to stop drinking alcohol. My friends were mocking me a lot because of my decision, but to my greatest surprise I started to enjoy the parties better than before. However I recently returned to drink alcohol again strictly only inside the frames of quality wine tasting. I still take the alcohol for an unnatural, poisonous drug, and though I don't expect anybody (especially not in a country where the teenage binge-drinking is a national problem) to understand why is so essential for me to live a pure, alcohol-free lifestyle but I strongly agree with and support those creative campaigns which warn the dangers of alcohol.

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