Sunday, June 21, 2009


Title: Journey's End, New Beginning
Album: Lost Original Soundtrack
Release year: 2006

  There was a time when I really understood what the following sentences meant:

Sometimes lost is where you need to be.
Just because you don't know the direction
it doesn't mean you don't have one.

Yes, I felt exactly the same. But now things have changed. I can see my direction clearly, and I have a strong call to reach my goals. These are the most exciting times of my life. I took an oath this year that I was going to find the Gateway, at all costs. I need to break out. As a matter of fact, I have already done it once before: when I left my Homeland. I remember, it was a tough time, you had to focus with all your nerves on only one purpose regardless anything else - just to get out of there. And I found the gateway which led me out of that country in which I have been trapped for so long. Now I need to find the gateway which shifts my life from an employee to a businessman. Though I've already tried this a couple of times before but the results were always temporary - I always fell back to the employee, and as it is known, employees make other people's dream come true, and I can't afford to waste more time on other people's dream because I've got my own and I'm ready to fight for it. A stage of my life is ending here, but there is always a new beginning in all ends. It will be challenging but I'm gonna enjoy it. I used to hate changes in my life but today I embrace them. I love when things are in motion and I would go mad if things were still and static around me. I enjoy this Flow of Life, I needed to change to learn how to ride it, but now I enjoy it more than anything else. I love to create, for me it is the nectar of life. What I've always wanted to be is a travelling businessman who creates something beautiful everywhere he goes.

First I discovered the creating Power of Thought Word when I started to practice it in Hungary in small - to make things happen the way you wanted just by thinking of them. It was a good experiment, but I felt there was much more. Gradually I discovered the Power of Written Word when I started to write my diary in my Moleskine and this one was proved to be so important that it has become a ritual what I still do on a weekly basis. It is something very intimate to me, a genuine, deep, one-to-one conversation with myself. When I started to blog in public it was just an improved way of exercising the Power of Written Word. But what took the longest was to enhance the creating Power of Spoken Word. When you articulate something and your words - like ripples of echo in space and time - make things come to life. This is the power what I've just started to master recently, although I still need to learn it (and to do so the best training field is my online radio channel), but it seems to be working. I want to become a man who is able to create great things with his words.

These are the three different skills of the Art of Creation by using the Power of Word:

the creating Power of Thought Word,
the creating Power of Written Word,
and the creating Power of Spoken Word.

And they are important to know, especially nowadays, when you are not allowed to fight somebody with the Sword. However, the Word is a stronger weapon (and I'm sure it is not just a coincidence that there is only one letter difference between the word and sword) but it's much more difficult to master it. The sword can kill the man, but it can't kill the idea, let it be good or bad. And there are far too many bad ideas spreading in this world which have to be stopped and you need really good armor to achieve it. The Balance must be restored. A new Line of Force is silhouetting. Creation without Protection is irresponsibility.

The energy is not lost. It is transformed.

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