Saturday, May 30, 2009

Over the quarter milestone

Yes, I used to be a dreamer, a great Dreamer. My fantasy had reached out so far, far beyond the horizont, and yes, I imagined great things, I saw big dreams, I visioned a grand plan, I designed my own destiny, and now that the planning and testing are over, now that the strategy has been set, and I clearly see the path, I have a purpose and I'm focused on that only one purpose, so now that the masterplan* is prepared it's time to stop dreaming and become a man who makes dreams come true.

I want to be the Man who
The Dreamer had become the Believer, now that's the moment when the Believer is becoming the Warrior. Though his spiritual journey is far not over yet - quite the contrary, it has just begun! While the Believer fights with the word, the Warrior fights with the sword.** And when the Warrior gains victory in the battle he becomes the Conqueror by defeating his fears and limits, as a matter of fact, the biggest enemies he's ever had. But only those who know the best how to destroy can know the best how to build - that's the law of Nature: light and shadow, good and evil, creation and demolition, life and death etc. walk hand in hand. The bottomline is not to be one or the other, it is to find the Balance. This enables him to create Beauty which is not just unique, special, extraordinary, but it is also sturdy, permanent, evergreen. So one day the Conqueror becomes the Creator and once his masterpiece is done, at the end, by his old days he will be the Protector: the One who protects all what he has ever dreamed about, believed in, fought for, governed and created.

But that's gonna be a very long journey. The longest journey of your life. Godspeed!

* Of course, the nature of things is that they never go according to plan - but without a plan they wouldn't go at all. It's a catch 22 you have to accept.

** How interesting linguistic coincidence that there is only one letter difference between the 'word' and the 'sword'. I should look up the etymology of these words.

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