Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's wrong with what we eat

Everyone should listen to very carefully what Mark Bittman, a New York Times food writer, explains in this TED Talks video (20 minutes). He talks with a great wisdom about the overconsuming of meat and junk food, about the importance of eating more plants (and not as an ingredient but the plants themselves), and he shows how dramatic changes have been undergoing in the last century in the way we produce the food from family farming to industrial livestock and in the way we consume the food from home-made meals to premade (frozen, instant, fast-food etc.) meals. He also mentions the global environment aftereffects and for a sentence he points at a very interesting fact what I would like to highlight. He says that the breakpoint since that we began to care much less with the quality of food we ate and simultaneously the fast-food restaurants started to spread was the 1970's when the women left the homes and they became part of the labour market so they had less and less time to cook at home after work. Now that's a very good point of view what I haven't realized yet and what raises new questions about how the control of our food was taken from our mothers' and wives' hands to multinational companies who are far not as interested in giving us the healthiest and best quality food as our women used to be.

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